Leonard W. Rose

Leonard W. Rose was born and raised in New York City. The later years of his adolescence and early adulthood were spent in California, Hong Kong, and Savannah, Georgia.


An honors graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design (Savannah), with a B.F.A. in Performing Arts, Leonard's love of theatre spans the scope of roles from Shakespearean comedies and tragedies, Sondheim musicals (expanded roles written for his characters), Cantata's, risqué social commentary musicals, to newly written experimental one-act plays. Delving into the many realms of theatre, Leonard has also directed and produced a number of student and organizational public performances. 


While living in Hong Kong, he undertook the task of learning Cantonese Opera and began performing vignettes, by request of some of Hong Kong's most prestigious performers. All of these performances were for different charity organizations throughout Hong Kong and were always 'sold out'.

Leonard recently moved from New York City, working in entertainment companies such as Little Maestros and the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre. He now resides in Atlanta, GA, where he works as a the Director at Bach to Rock Sandy Plains.


His love for performing is insatiable as one can see within the different areas of this website.